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From: Business Success Coach Sue Clement

Vancouver, British Columbia

July, 2009

Dear Overworked and Underpaid Business Owner…

The seconds are ticking off as you read this…

So please, read this carefully, as this could give you a distinctly unfair advantageespecially when you can get my FREE startup offer…

Let’s face it, in today’s market, you need every advantage you can get

You see, many small business people — such as yourself — got into business to fulfill a dream. You’ve put time, energy and effort into that dream to make it a reality…

But, if you are like so many small business entrepreneurs, you found there’s a lot more to running a business than just “hanging out your shingle” — a lot more

And, instead of you running a business, you feel like your business is running you…

So what went wrong?

You remember what they said in “Field of Dreams,” right?

You Built It … And … Did They Come?

If I had to guess, probably not in the numbers you’d like. Or with the ease that you would like…

You’re not alone!

That’s what I’ve found; many of my clients have experienced the exact same problem. Some of whom had previously spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on ineffective “marketing” that took up as much — or more! — time and energy as working directly with their clients while they desperately tried one thing after another in the hopes getting more clients.

That’s no way to run a business. It certainly drains away the joy and enthusiasm you had for that initial dream…

And it literally hurts me to even watch. Fortunately, once I start working with my clients, their businesses turn around quickly. It’s been my delight to work with and help many small business entrepreneurs such as yourself reclaim the success and financial rewards they originally dreamed of when they started their businesses.

And I’d like to help you, too…

But unfortunately, there’s a limit to how many people I can work with one-on-one. And besides, many business owners who need my help the most can’t really afford it.

What to do?


I like helping business owners turn their businesses around and start earning what they really deserve. What I needed was a way to help many more business owners — at a much reduced investment. And I’ve figured a way that I could do just that!

Your Marketing Edge” Monthly Membership

Membership CardThat way, I can help all of you, whether you have the money for individual coaching or not.

You’ll be able to get almost all of the perks of my coaching — at a small fraction of the cost. In fact, you’ll be able to start without spending a cent…

Isn’t It Time To Have

The Business Of YOUR Dreams?

Come start the journey, listen up, and fasten your seat belt as you discover…

  • The low-down on exactly which marketing strategies work. (ignore this and you’ll be in danger of spreading yourself too thin, and throwing away your hard-earned money and your even more precious time and energy)
  • Finding the most efficient and cost effective means of attracting new clients – how to become a client magnet and stop chasing after prospects.
  • How to use speaking and writing to build credibility …AND… your client list
  • The tricks to putting your marketing efforts nearly on auto-pilot so you’ll easily and quickly have as many clients as you desire…
  • Systemizing your business for success
  • How to develop referral partners that send high quality prospects to you… again and again.
  • Create easy-to-use, highly effective Marketing Plans — that deliver results!
  • The secrets of making strategies — such as networking — really work for you
  • Surprising ways to free up your time from “business drudgery” so you can spend more time doing what you do best (Would you like to find an extra free hour every day?)
  • How the gurus quickly build their businesses from entrepreneur to enterprise — and you can too…

So... What Do You Think?

Introducing Sue Clement

“I’m a business success coach and I’m not new to owning a business, you see I started an employment agency in 1990.

It wasn’t easy, there were times when family and friends urged me to throw in the towel and just declare bankruptcy. I’m sure you’ve heard that one too. ‘This is never going to work. Give it up already!’ But you won’t hear that from me. And I certainly didn’t listen to the nay-sayers.

Guess what my revenues were when I sold my company in 2000? Five Million dollars!

Ever since selling my company, I’ve been passionate about helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses.

Through my coaching, speaking and various programs I’ve helped thousands of business owners in over 92 different industries.

Taking the Struggle Out of Business

I have a burning desire to help small business owners take the pain out of growing their business or as I like to say – “take the struggle of business”.

I’ve tracked down the most cost-effective methods for ‘expediting business success’ and increasing your revenues. Owning a business should be full of anxiety and frustrations of marketing to find enough new customers but rather doing what you do best – being of service and helping your customers. ‘I want business owners to find the joy in their business…’

I’m a well known speaker in the Vancouver, British Columbia area – and enjoy sharing how to get the word out using my special and highly effective — and more importantly, extremely cost-effective — networking strategies.”

If this sounds like something you want in on, now’s your chance. Like my coaching clients, you too can grow your business exponentially, while making more money — and working a lot less than you’re probably working right now.

And I’m going to help you do it — by giving you the inside scoop, month after month..

Because I’m in the trenches every day with my clients, you will find out what’s working now.

So if you ever considered business coaching before, but just couldn’t find the money in your budget?

Don’t worry — you’re not alone. And that’s why I’ve created this program.

You see, so many small businesses simply feel they can’t afford business coaching, so I’ve created a program where you can experience some of the great benefits for a fraction of the cost.

…just by joining my premium content program, you’ll get the low-down on the most effective and low cost marketing strategies to put your business on to fast-track!

Here’s my “triple threat” offer….

Marketing Edge #1

Sue’s Super-Smart Strategy Calls

Every month — we’ll have a teleseminar and thoroughly cover one marketing or business growth strategy. In depth.

But I won’t just leave you hanging….

To make sure you have everything you need to put this strategy into action immediately, I’ve included…

  • The Action PDF. These fill-in-the-blank notes give you the highlights of the call. No second-guessing! By using fill-in-the-blanks, you’ll know exactly what the high points are, and retain them better.. Each Action PDF gives you the exact Action Steps to start using the marketing strategy right away.
  • Question and Answer Period. Attend the calls live to get the most out of them. Why? Because we can clear up any questions or concerns you might have — right on the call.. In fact, often the right question uncovers unique ways to use the strategy that fits your particular business. No more wondering “but what if?” or “what about?”

These 90 minute calls will generally be held the 3rd Thursday of each month (my travel schedule permitting) at 12:00pm PT, 2:00pm CT & 3:00pm ET.

But even if you can’t attend the call live, you also get the…

  • Call Download. Miss the call? No problem! Shortly after the call, the download will be available in the members’ area. Take your download and listen to it for the first time or for a review. Listen to it while exercising, or doing housework, or while on the computer.

What we’ll cover in the coming months…

October: Communicating Your Value in a Compelling Way

In today’s marketplace it’s tough to stand out or set yourself apart from your competition. One of the essential skills you’ll need is the ability to communicate your value in a compelling way… one that gets noticed.

Join us this month as we discuss…

  • how to gain clarity about your value proposition
  • 7 steps essential in creating a compelling message
  • how to get your target prospect’s interest and attention
  • the biggest mistake most owners make
  • a simple formula that gets conversations stared and prospects interested

Here are some more future topics we’ll be diving into…

  • Networking — how to do it right
  • Speaking — an unheralded way to build your business
  • Get More Hours In The Day — how to get more done in less time
  • Become an Expert and Spread Your Influence — With Your Own Information Products
  • Dollars While You Sleep — passive revenue methods
  • What You Write Is What You Eat — How to make writing create demand for your business
  • Referral Partners — how to get them, and why they are essential for your success
  • Marketing Plans — create them fast, quickly and easily workable without having them take over your life!

And that’s just the beginning…

What’s more…I’ll open up “Sue’s Suggestion Box” so you can have input on what you want covered in future calls…

Marketing Edge #2

Power Podcasts — Where I Examine The Experts

How would you like to listen in when two marketing experts exchange power tips?

Well, that’s just what will happen every month when I find the perfect expert to explore the marketing theme for the month.

For instance, in August, I’ve reached out into my extensive network and found just the right person to expound on how to get the most out of Twitter.

Through my contacts, I know the folks who know the latest spin on the newest strategy so you’ll have it mastered before your competition even hears about it.

Some of these folks you may have heard of, others are flying under the radar.

But I’m pulling in my markers to get the experts come share with us what cool things they are up to, and what kinds of results they’re getting.

Better yet, they’ll also tell you what NOT to do…saving you not just time and money — but also to keep you from stepping into dangerous pitfalls.

But when they get with me, you’ll get them all as part of the monthly marketing edge membership.

Well, I’m pulling in my markers and putting on my detective hat to grill a leading industry expert each and every month.

Marketing Edge #3

Open Office Hours!.

For 4 hours each month, get a taste of what 1 on 1 business coaching can do for you!

Each month, usually the 4th Thursday, I open up my phone lines for 4 hours, for 20 minute coaching calls — first come, first served.

This Edge, by itself, would cost you substantially more than the monthly membership — but you get it in addition to the Super Strategy Call and the Power Podcast…

Within 20 minutes, though, people have gain clarity and ideas that have completely turned their business…and their lives…around…

Every month, you or your bookkeeper sits down to pay your bills.

You have certain fixed costs, and certain ongoing expenses. Maybe you have a physical location, so you have rent and utilities. You have may have a website — so you have hosting fees. Maybe you have bookkeeping fees and attorney fees.

Yet all of those are cost centers. None of the them directly affects your bottom line and brings in income.

Let me ask you … How much do you spend for your cellphone service?

I asked around and discovered that people pay — at a minimum — around $50/month. And most pay quite a bit more — often 2 to 3 times that.

So, for a fraction of what most people pay for their cellphone bill every month you can be on top of the most time and cost-effective marketing strategies than can keep you on marketing’s best paths.

What does your indecision, lack of research, and the cost of poor choices cost you every month?

And what’s the “opportunity cost” — how much more will your business blossom into the business of your dreams when you only use proven, effective marketing strategies instead of losing with those that simply take up money and time and return little?

Marketing Is The Foundation Of Your Business

Without marketing, no one knows what you have to offer.

No marketing, no clients. Period.

In the 1900s, department store founder John Wanamaker complained that

“I know half of my advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”

Do you feel that way about your marketing?

By investing in Your Marketing Edge you will know which marketing strategies are most effective.

Which strategies return a higher payoff.

Which strategies are dying.

What are the new, hot strategies to implement — and dominate — before your competition even hears a whisper about them

With Your Marketing Edge you will get the competitive edge you need for your business to flourish. Stop being tormented trying to figuring out “what to do”, and “how to do it”. Each month you will get detailed information on proven methods for growing your business.

Saving you countless hours of time, research, and yes, wasted effort.

Now is the time to get started in making your business all that you wish it to be … and quite possibly more than you had ever dreamed possible.

Now you can eliminate the pain of indecision, the hours of research, and the cost of poor marketing decisions…

And I’m so convinced that you will love my program…as a special gift, you can sign up today and get the first month FREE…

But Wait... There's More...

Sign up today, and you can dive in right away with my special sign up bonuses…

Marketing Edge Bonus #1

Get A Month Free… The FIRST Month…

Yep, that’s right.

I believe that you will so seriously find YOUR MARKETING EDGE full of information it will be like vitamins for your business that you will be looking forward to every month with eager anticipation.

So I’m going to let you try out the very first month for free (not the third month, or the twelfth month…but the very first month.)

That’s how sure I am that you will want to continue on….

Marketing Edge Bonus #2

Immediately Downloadable, “Get Started Now” Teleseminars

You get the recordings to 5 hot teleseminars…approximately 30 minutes each. In them you will find out…

  • 7 Quick Ways to Get More Leads, More Clients & More Sales!
  • 3 Ugly Truths About Marketing Your Business
  • Marketing Myths That Are Crushing Your Success!
  • Why Networking Doesn’t Work And What You Should do About It
  • Why Social Networking is Important to YOUR Business

Each one of these teleseminars comes with an “action pdf” to help you remember the most important points and put them into action.

Start seeing results even before our first teleseminar — before paying a dime!

Put these marketing tips into practice and you could start seeing results even before our first teleseminar…. get them today, when you sign up.. and…and don’t forget…you get your first month free…

Marketing Edge Bonus #3

My Blockbuster eBook: 88 Tips To Marketing Like A Pro

These aren’t strategies — but nice, bite-size chunks to

  • encourage you,
  • remind you, and
  • empower you to

…do what it takes to make significant networking contacts — these tips will take you by the hand and lead you to the rewards of networking success:

More clients, more often, so that your “marketing” efforts seem like they are running on auto-pilot.

And, if the 3 Your Marketing Edge bonuses above weren’t enough …I’ve got one more, very special bonus, just for you….

Yep... There's even MORE!

Marketing Edge Special BONUS

Extra! Extra! Super Special Bonus — It’s Like Getting 3 Months For Free!

Stay in the program for 3 months…and I have an extra special time released bonus in store for you!

You will get a copy of my best-selling Insider Secrets To Referral Partner Success (link opens in a new window, but don’t order there!)– as my gift to you.

This system goes beyond traditional networking — waaaayyy beyond — and puts your networking efforts on steroids.

It’s explains how to have a continuous flow of clients coming in to you — with a fraction of the effort and, certainly, a fraction of the cost, of other marketing efforts.

In it, you will find out these important secrets:

  • Part One: Why you need referral partners
  • Part Two: How to find referral partners and make the connection
  • Part Three: How to build referral relationships

Since this 6 hour audio program sells — day in and day out — for $97 — it’s nearly like getting 3 months of this membership for the price of “Insider Secrets To Referral Partner Success” alone.

So What Will it be?

You no longer have an excuse.

You can continue to complain about the poor efforts your marketing is getting.

You can continue to put your head in the sand.

You can watch as your competitors take your clients from you.

Or you can make a decision to take your business in a new direction … you can make your business the dream you’ve always had…

It’s my goal to see small business owners not only empowered to get as many clients as they want…but also to make it so that your business is full of the joy that you had always hoped.

Your Marketing Edge CardI know it can happen for you.

Let me show you how...

Join Your Marketing Edge and…

Tap Into Your Marketing Edge and

Every Single Month You Will Get…

  1. Sue’s Live Super-Smart Strategy CallOver 90 Jam-Packed Minutes Of TakeAways
    • Nothing Left To Chance —
    • No Ambiguities —
    • And includes Q&A So You Are Crystal-Clear On How To Use This Strategy
    • The Call Recording — So You Never “Miss” The Call — And You Can Review It Later, Too!
    • Action Tip Sheet — So You Can Start Putting This Strategy Into Use Right Away
  2. Be there live…or come later…with this call you also get…

    Sue’s Strategy Summary Sheet — So You Can Pick Up And Review Quickly!

  3. Monthly Marketing Expert Podcast
  4. Get Access To Top Experts and find out the latest and best marketing strategies.

  5. “Coaching Office Hours”
  6. Each Month I Open The “Virtual” Door To My Virtual Office… Where You Can Have A Private 1:1 20-Minute Consultation (First Come, first served…) This ALONE is more than worth the price of the membership…

    In addition, know that you’re completely protected because you can cancel your membership at any time!
ALL for just $47 a month.

But Wait!

Sign Up Now, and…

the First Month Is FREE!

And That's Not All . . .

In addition, you will get 5 action-packed teleseminars, approximated 30 minutes each, that cover…

  • 7 Quick Ways to Get More Leads, More Clients & More Sales!
  • 3 Ugly Truths About Marketing Your Business
  • Marketing Myths That Are Crushing Your Success!
  • Why Networking Doesn’t Work And What You Should do About It
  • Why Social Networking is Important to YOUR Business

You get these teleseminar audio recording, and you also get the Action Sheets that come along with them, to guide you into quickly and easily using the tips and strategies right away…

You can download them free, right away, after signing up!

And if that wasn’t enough….

A Really Special Time-Released Bonus For Signing Up Today…

At the end of the 3rd month I will send you my course, “Insider Secrets To Referral Partner Success” for free. Since I sell this course day in and day out for $97 — it’s like getting all three months for free, for just the cost of this one course alone.

But I’m not sure how long I can offer the time-released bonus of my “Insider Secrets to Referral partner Success”. So, sign up now and secure this bonus today…there’s absolutely no risk, since the first month of the program is completely free….I’d hate to see you miss out.

And It’s All Backed By Sue’s Simple Satisfaction Guarantee!

Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED. This guarantee is as simple and as straightforward as I can possibly make it:

I am confident that you will absolutely love this program and that it will turbo-charge your business. But…

If you aren’t happy with the program for any reason…simply cancel at any time and you won’t be charged for any subsequent months..

If you find that this information isn’t for you, doesn’t get you the kinds of results I claim after putting the strategies into place — I insist that you cancel your subscription.

Of course, you’ll lose out on access to the member’s area, with all the previous downloads and dynamite phone calls…

But if it isn’t for you, simply follow the easy-to-use instructions in the member’s area for canceling your subscription and you will not be charged another dime.

And we will remain friends.

Yes, Sue, My Business Is Ready To Take Off With Your Amazing Strategies…

Count Me In!

It’s Easy To…


Your Marketing Edge is currently being redesigned…

And it’s getting ready for the NEW launch!

Be the first to know when we reopen!
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Thank you for taking the time to discover how you can

  • Stop wasting money on poor marketing strategies
  • Tap into the ways to make popular marketing strategies the most effective
  • Start growing your business like never before, for less than you ever thought

I look forward to meeting you soon! You can join my list of happy clients by signing up for my Your Marketing Edge here. Do it now, while you’re still thinking about it!

And I’ll see you on the other side!

To your success,


Sue Clement

Success Coaching

P.S. Is your marketing working? Not if you aren’t enjoying as much business as you want! Sign up now and receive the first month FREE! Remember, you’ll be receiving the most effective, low cost business growth strategies available. Come join me and the hundreds of my successful clients and create the business of your dreams. You can do it, and you can get started today, just by clicking on the “Order Now” button above…and collecting all your bonuses!

P.P.S. It’s like getting 3 months for free… By taking me up on my limited time offer and signing up today — you get the first month free — but only if you hurry. You get — not just the 5 take-action teleseminars, but also one very extra time-released special bonus. After your third month, you get my best-selling “Insider Secrets To Referral Partner Success” — for free, as my gift to you. Since this program sells — day in and day out — for $97 — it’s like getting 3 months of this membership simply for the price of “Insider Secrets To Referral Partner Success” alone. All you need to do is click on the button above and then … buckle up!

P.P.P.S. These dynamite strategies are honed from my secret client vault. You can easily pay hundreds and thousands of dollars just to learn one strategy. But now, I’ve broken the vault open and am sharing with you the inside scoop on proven, field-tested, business growth strategies. I urge you to take advantage of this offer while I’m still offering the first month free. You have nothing to lose! Sign up today to take advantage of this limited time offer — before it’s too late.